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If you are buying or selling Colorado Springs Real Estate, you have come to the right place.  In today's real estate market, you need to work with a real estate professional you can trust.  We are dedicated to providing the absolute finest service and expertise possible for our clients.  Whether you are buying or selling your primary residence, a second home, or relocating to a new neighborhood, we can help make your home ownership dreams come true.

Our Team - Two for the Price of One

Meet the A-Team: Michael and Frances Esty.  Experience counts - especially when selecting a Realtor.  We offer over 28 years experience (each).  First licensed in 1992, we have helped so many people buy and sell their homes.  We understand the complexities because we have bought and sold our own homes and commercial properties.  We have designed and built three of our own homes.  We are proud to be members of the Colorado Springs community.

Both engineers, we understand and recognize a quality home.  Graduating from Harvard Business School, understanding the negotiations involved in both ends of the transaction will put you at an advantage.

Our Views on Real Estate

Real estate is one of the best investments anyone can make, whether its your primary home or an investment property. Over the long term, real estate continues to hold its value.  Real estate transactions have become more complex but processes are more streamlined.  Due to appreciating values and process simplicity, we feel the historical 6% is WAY overpriced.  That's why we perform all the dedicated services at a lower price.  Put more money in YOUR pocket.

​​" Finding a Realtor you can Trust is Essential "